About Us

Founded by Cody Thomas in 2017, Highroglyph, LLC., uses the latest in drone and camera technology to provide clients with a wide array of actionable intelligence or marketing tools.

Having a background in rice farming Cody Thomas set out in 2017 to start his first small business using small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), or more commonly known as drones, to help mitigate production issues with unique datasets never used before. Today, Cody provides his services for growers, agribusinesses, agronomists, and educational institutions across the state of California. In addition to his achievements in California, Cody has been on large scale projects in West Africa and will also be venturing in upcoming projects in Asia.

Cody holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Management from California State University, Chico. His education at Chico State help mold Cody for his environmental and agricultural goals utilizing drone technology in the United States and Abroad.

Prior to starting Highroglyph, LLC., Cody worked with an environmental consultancy agency in Queensland, Australia removing invasive vegetation from areas of environmental concern. Working in the Australian bush and witnessing various environmental issues Cody knew drone technology would have applications beyond agriculture and continues to help counterparts in forestry in the United States. 

Why Choosing Us

Having an Ag background is very important for choosing our service. Having ‘Skin in the Game’ guarantees your in good hands with Highroglyph and will be there with you in the field every step of the way.