Benefits Of Using Arial Data & Phenotyping Collections For Agriculture​

Smarter Analytics for Crop Management

  • Quantifiable Analytics
  • historically measurable
  • In-Field Processing
  • actionable intelligence for prescribing spray rate application

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Working with growers throughout California to optimize crop management

Highroglyph incorporates high-end drones, cameras and sensors to gather data in crops to locate, quantify and assist in mitigating deficiencies in our farmland. Acquired data gives the grower the power to make more efficient managerial decisions such as decreasing inputs thus increasing ROI on adopting this service.


Highroglyph brings an agricultural background to this service for other growers. We have “skin in the game” for our Ag community


Utilizing high-end sensors and cameras allows growers, PCAs, and agronomists the power to make the best managerial decisions based upon real-time data

Cody Thomas

Guest Speaker at InterDrone 2019 Event

Drones are now well known to have the capability to help farmers pinpoint possible deficiencies in crops.  However, there is an extra step that is often not utilized with that data.  Conventional farming utilizes spray rigs and spreaders to apply inputs (herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers) fairly evenly across fields.  With the advent of drones, advanced sensors, and analytics, precision farming has truly taken form to use such data to target specific regions with these inputs.  Using multispectral technology has given professionals in the Agriculture industry the chance to map weeds and pests in a field for precise targeted spraying, specific zones in an orchard for specific treatment applications and for spreading fertilizers in areas of poor crop production.  The utilization of such data is true precision agriculture.

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