Legal Services

"Seeing is believing — and in a court of law, the outcome of a trial is usually based on substantive evidence coupled with visual demonstrative aids and a compelling argument."

-Daniel L. Buckfire, attorney.



In a world where approximately two-thirds of the population are visual learners it is critical for an attorney to incorporate as much visual information as possible.  Jurors must first understand something before they can be persuaded and using visual information to help tell the story is often the difference between success and failure.  Any attorney that does not integrate any visual information will be at a definite disadvantage. 

Drone Images for Court Cases.png


Aerial imagery gives all parties a sense of location, scale and detailed information of the setting.  Equipped with high-end optical cameras, Highroglyph is well suited to capture vital information. 

Location of Conflict.png


Providing clear and precise aerial imagery will help the jury better understand the location and impact of a particular incident.