Using Drones as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

     One of the biggest issues that real estate agents face is marketing.  Getting information in front of a large audience is one of the most difficult tasks each agent faces.  Unless you have a massive online presence and a plethora of social media followers then you're not as efficient as you probably should be.  We all know that using Facebook as a marketing tool is a universal necessity as well as incorporating a blog within your website as well.  However, what attracts people to visit a Facebook page, a website, an Instagram page or a any other digital platform?  The answer is right in front of us.  VISUALS.  VISUALS.  VISUALS.  Visuals are what makes or breaks a social media page and what attracts followers.  

     Every real estate agent and broker understands the importance of hiring professional photographers for capture the beauty of a house for sale or rent.  However, we are witnessing the evolution of real estate marketing and it's encompassing more than photos of a house for sale.  Real estate agents and brokers now have options to hire a specialized type of photographer for 3D home tours as well as hiring a remote operator (drone pilot).  3D home tours are showing fantastic results because it allows prospective buyers to tour the home without actually having to be there.  As fantastic and user friendly as 3D tours are, they're limited to only the interior of the home and are pricey to contract.  

     There are alternatives to hiring an expensive 3D photographer and a standard photographer.  Enter Highroglyph.  Highroglyph specializes in capturing the essence of a new home, not just a house for sale.  Drones in real estate is still a new concept for real estate agents and brokers and is quickly becoming a marketable tool with measurable results.  Using drones in real estate is a brilliant tool to utilize because it holds viewer retention longer than other visual mediums that are real estate related.  With an aerial perspective, prospective buyers can see the entirety of the property including: entire house, property line, neighborhood, topography of the land and many other key buying indicators.  These are all critical information that buyers will want to know and is why using drones in real estate is becoming a powerful tool.  The drones that Highroglyph uses are equipped with 4k cameras capturing footage at 30fps it's chief operator is a highly talented video editor as well.  

     As Highroglyph's chief pilot and founder Cody Thomas understands the importance of not only using drones for your real estate needs but also filming the interior of the home as well.  With footage of the interior and exterior of the home, viewers will be able to see the entirety of the home, inside and out.  Using drones in real estate is what Highroglyph specializes in and also goes another step further in helping the agent with their marketing needs as well.  Developing professional videos, photos and sharing them through Highrolgyph's social media techniques will not only get you viewers and followers but will also provide with a strong portfolio.  Having a strong portfolio gives you, as an agent or broker, more credibility.

   Let's work together soon to create your portfolio and fanbase!